Bento Two Snackbox - Purple Glitter (2 to 3 compartments). LIMITED EDITION.

  • NZ$ 34.95

Our Bento Two is the perfect size for either your child’s first lunch box, a morning tea box for kindy, or for snacks on the go!

The removable divider allows you to add extra variety separating dry foods within the leakproof compartments.

If you have children with bigger appetites then you can also match the Bento Two with either our Bento Five or Bento Three for a full day’s meals.

Why choose the Bento Two?

  • Easy clean lunchbox with a child friendly latch
  • Made from durable BPA free products.
  • Store wet foods next to dry foods without the risk of spoiling.
  • Leakproof for thicker foods such as yoghurt, hummus, and dips. Not suitable for watery liquids like juice or soup!
  • Extra depth means it will hold whole small fruit such as kiwifruit, mandarins, plums

Recommended for: Children from 1 to 7/8 yrs. 

Capacity – 500ml (2 cups)
Dimensions – 12.3cm x 12.9cm x 5.6cm

To ensure your lunchbox is leakproof, it is a good idea to press down on the lid after packing your lunch to make sure the silicone seal fully engages with the lunchbox compartments. 

To create extra compartments, check out our silicone dividers and silicone cups that are specially designed for these lunchboxes. 

This video shows an older 'Blue Glitter' rather than this 'Purple Glitter' - but the sparkle is the same! 

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