'Elephant House' Mini Sandwich & Food Cutter Set (set of 6)

  • NZ$ 14.00

Transform boring sandwiches and snacks into something much more fun with this adorable animal and house mini cutter set.

The set includes 6 shaped cutters: elephant, bear, rabbit, house, star and tree. Each animal cutter consists of 2 pieces; one to cut the basic face shape, and one to add the details (eyes, nose etc). Great for bread, cheese, ham/salami and other deli meats, softer fruits and veges such as melon and cucumber...even cookie dough! 

Cutters range from approx. 3.3cm x 3.3cm (star) to 5.5cm x 4.3cm (elephant).

Made from 100% food-safe polypropylene. BPA free. Imported from Japan.  

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