Munch Litterless Cotton Snack Bag - Blue Stars

  • NZ$ 14.99

Ethically made in New Zealand, these eco-friendly reusable lunch bags will last for 18 months or more! Great for muffins, small sandwiches chopped fruit, carrot sticks, biscuits, popcorn or any other lunchbox snack.


  • NO NASTIES - 100% cotton with a velcro closure. Lead-, phthalates- and BPA-free. Munch wraps are handmade and are truly ethical and sustainable. 

  • EASY CARE - Just wash or wipe clean. The internal layer is waterproof and food will not stick or stain. We give our Munch Snack Bags a quick wipe during the week days, then throw them in the washing machine in the weekend! 

  • SIZE - approx. 16.5cm x 13cm.

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