Yumbox Tapas VALUE BUNDLE: 1 Complete Box + Extra Tray (lots of options)

  • NZ$ 76.95
  • Save NZ$ 5.00

Save $5 on purchasing separately.           

PLEASE NOTE: The Tapas box comes with a 4-compartment tray, and you choose an additional 4- or 5-compartment tray. Tapas trays are interchangeable, and the box remains leakproof with either! 

This Yumbox Tapas bundle includes a complete leakproof bento box with removable 4-compartment inner tray, PLUS a handy extra tray (4 or 5 compartments). Extra trays are a great idea so you can change the layout of your box, or just so you have a spare while the other is in the dishwasher!   

For more details about the Tapas Yumbox, click here

For more about the extra Tapas trays, click here

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