Cart | Silicone Snack Cups - assorted colours

  • NZ$ 17.95

These Silicone Snack Cups are the perfect fit inside the Large Lunchbox and Mini Lunchbox to create additional compartments for extra variety. Ideal for separating and containing bite-sized foods. 

  • Can also be used as a cup and lid to keep dips, sauces, treats securely inside
  • Oven, microwave, dishwasher (top-rack) and freezer safe. Bake in them, freeze in them, pack straight in the lunchbox!
  • Unique, foldable sides allow you to create different size options depending on the types of foods or lunchbox you're packing, making them extra versatile. 
  • Sides reach up to the lid of your B.Box lunchbox so food can't escape!
  • Fits in both large and mini B.Box lunchboxes

Each pack contains two cups or one base and one lid, however you choose to use them. 

  • Made from quality food grade silicone
  • Volume capacity: base 150mL, lid 170mL

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