Krumbsco | Lunchbox Bites - Round - Muffin

  • NZ$ 24.99

A non-stick, air fryer safe silicone muffin tray designed for easy baking and bento-size lunchbox snacks. The fastest, easiest, most efficient way to mini muffin, cupcake, even quiche!

Love your air fryer even more! Bake a batch of round-shaped mini muffins or cupcakes in just 12 minutes from start to finish (no pre-heating required!). If you struggle for freezer or fridge space, have kids that quickly get bored of the same thing, or prefer to make things fresh as you need them, our lunchbox bites give you the option to bake smaller batches, fast!

Made to fit inside most large and extra large single-basket air fryer types with a square or round basket, including:

  • Philips XL, XXL,
  • Kmart 3.2L, 5.3L, 7L
  • Nutribullet XXL
  • Tefal Easy Fry Classic
  • Ninja Deluxe

Easy, perfectly portioned, lunchbox-size baking, FAST! Our Lunchbox Bites will open up a whole new world of air fryer baking!

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