Krumbsco | Reusable Air Fryer Baking Mats - Rectangle

  • NZ$ 39.99

A twin pack of reusable, non-stick silicone baking mats specifically designed to make your small or dual drawer air frying easier and better. Less mess, less waste, less sticking, more flavour!  

Our made-to-fit rectangle, air fryer baking mats mean there’s no need for single-use baking paper, no food stuck to the bottom of your basket, no melted fillings or saucy marinades lost in between the basket holes. They make cleaning your baskets, trays or racks a breeze as well as protect and prolong the life of your air fryer basket.

Made to fit inside most dual drawer or small, single-basket air fryer types including:

  • Ninja Dual Zone
  • Nutrabullet Twin Drawer
  • Kogan 8L 1700W Dual Zone
  • Kmart 9L Twin

Note: Always ensure food is sitting securely on the mat before cooking to prevent it moving around and coming in contact with the heating element. Do not use the baking mats in pre-heat mode.


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