PlanetBox | Launch & Shuttle Tall Dipper

  • NZ$ 15.00

This leakproof dipper container was created to contain dips, sauces, yoghurt etc in your 'Launch' or 'Shuttle' PlanetBox. The lunchboxes already come with 1 x Tall Dipper, so why not have more?

Designed efficiently to utilize more space in your lunchbox to make packing easier and cleaner.

  • Leakproof container for wet messy foods.
  • Flexible lids with pull tab make it easy for little hands to use.
  • Dishwasher safe or hand wash with soap.
  • For Launch & Shuttle lunchboxes or packed separately for snacks.
  • Not compatible with Rover lunchbox.

     Size: 5.3 cm diameter / 4.8 cm height. Holds 0.3 cups of food.

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