How to Make a Checkerboard Apple

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Checkerboard apples are a great little bento trick to have in your lunchbox-making arsenal! They are pretty easy, but do take a few minutes to make.

Start with a whole apple, or cut a large wedge. Score the surface with a sharp knife in a checkerboard pattern. Try to space the squares as evenly as you can. 

Then, insert the tip of the knife under the skin of a square, and the skin should flick out quite easily. 

Continue like this, removing the skin from every second square to create the checkerboard effect. 

Once you're done, drop the apple into a bowl of acidulated water (water with a couple of squirts of lemon juice added) for 30 seconds to stop it from browning. Remove from water, dry with a paper towel and pop in the lunchbox. Easy peasy! 

Here, I used the apple in a Croatia-themed box to teach the little Lunchbox Prince a bit of the language before we visit Croatia later in the year! 


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