Top Tips for Kid-Friendly Salads

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Here's some ideas to try and tempt your kids into eating salad. Get in a bit of practice these holidays, & you may even be able to sneak salads into their lunchboxes once school starts!
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πŸ… Minimise the lettuce. It's often the green stuff that puts kids off.
πŸ… Add some fruit. Throw in a handful of strawberries, blueberries, chopped peach/nectarine, dates or sultanas to make a salad more attractive for little ones.
πŸ… Sprinkle on some fun crunch. Pumpkin seeds, roasted chickpeas, croutons, bagel bites, nuts (if allowed), crispy noodles...anything to get them to take the first bite!
🍎 Call it anything but "salad"! Wrap salad ingredients in a rice paper roll, enclose it in a mini soft taco, or call it a "platter" & include some dips.
πŸ… Don't forget the dressing! Pack some into one of our cute mayo or dressing bottles so the kids can squeeze on some flavour at lunchtime. It's fun, and it means the salad won't be soggy!
πŸ… Keep it cool! Even the most experienced salad eaters will turn their nose up at warm, limp salad, so pack it in one of our Thermos food flasks to keep it cool & fresh, or pack your lunchbox in an insulated bag or next to an ice brick.
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