Quick-Fix Lunchbox Basics

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Doing a little lunch prep on the weekend is a great way to ease the weekday morning madness of lunchbox packing! We don't all have hours to spend baking though, so here's a few super quick ideas that will take only minutes...


0 Minutes - Left-overs

With a little forethought, this takes no time at all! Leftover sausages, chicken drumsticks, salad, tabbouleh etc all make great additions to a lunchbox.


3 Minutes - Popcorn

Pour some popping corn in a lidded container and blast on High in the microwave for a few minutes. I don't even add any butter, oil or flavouring, but you can if you like.


5 Minutes - Jelly

We use Airplane Jelly (available from New World) for a yummy, sugar-free treat in the lunchbox! If you can find diabetic jelly, that would be great too. Just boil up your kettle, make up the jelly and pour straight into small leakproof containers - or straight into a compartment of your Yumbox - and leave to set in the fridge overnight. You can add in some fruit pieces too if you like. Don't forget to pack a spoon!


7-8 Minutes - Hard Boiled Eggs

Pop some eggs in a pot of water while you're making dinner, and it won't take any extra time out of your day! Hard boiled eggs (in their shell) will keep well in the fridge all week, and they're a great source of protein in the lunchbox. If you can spare an extra 30 seconds more, peel the egg and shape it into a cute bunny or car using our clever egg shapers!


10 Minutes - Home-made Crisps

For yummy crunchy crackers or 'chips', just cut shapes from a wrap with a mini cutter or cookie cutter, place on an oven tray and bake at 180 C for a few minutes. Watch them carefully as they can easily burn. Cook up the 'scraps' too as they're great sprinkled on top of a salad for some 'crunch'. They'll keep all week in an air-tight container.


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