Go Green | Large Food Box - assorted colours

  • NZ$ 46.95

A large, deep leakproof lunchbox for BIG eaters!

Go Green Lunchboxes utilise "turn ‘n lock technology" to ensure your child’s lunch stays fresh all day. Each of the 5 compartments is individually sealed so food & smells will not leak into each other. The lid is separate from the box, but is held on by toggles so it can't be lost at school! Once the lid is on, turn the lock on the lid to tighten the silicone seals and ensure your lunchbox is leakproof, and your food remains lovely and fresh.

- Holds a very generous 8 cups!

- Easy to open

- Easy to clean

- Fits a whole small apple, & a small yoghurt pottle (i.e. Uno brand, or other small pottles that come in a 12-pack). Alternatively, tip yoghurt into a compartment to go rubbish-free!

- Fits our small and medium reusable Squeasy Snacker yoghurt pouches

Dimensions: 31cm x 19cm x 7cm. 

Materials: polypropylene, rubber and silicone. The clips on each side are silicone to ensure the lunch box lasts for years. BPA, Lead, Leach and Phthalate Free

Cleaning: Although top shelf dishwasher safe at lower temperatures, due to inconsistent dishwasher temperature guides we recommend hand washing (especially the lid) to preserve the silicone components. The lid and box can be separated and washed with warm soapy water.

Keep it Cool: Choose from our range of ice packs 

Extra Compartment Dividers to create additional compartments within your lunchbox are available here

Please note: ‘Leakproof’ bento lunch boxes are leakproof for wet foods like thick yoghurts and dips only. Runny and watery liquids should be packed separately in a reusable pouch.

You can see our large Go Green box 'in action' below. NB this video shows the full Go Green set. The large Go Green on its own does not come with the bag, ice pack, or drink bottle. 

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