Bobo&Boo | Bamboo Straws

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When it comes to doin’ your bit for the environment, nothing says ‘I give a crap’ like ditching the plastic straws. They pollute our waterways, kill ocean animals, take up to 200 years to break down, and they’re just plain stupid. Lucky for you, our 100% natural, compostable, reusable bamboo straws are the perfect partner-in-crime for those green smoothies you bribe your kids to drink. (#NoJudgement).

Designed with tiny hands and kiddie cups in mind, these shorter 15cm-long straws make sippin’ and slurpin’ a whole lot easier for even the smallest Boos. Better yet, each pack includes a nifty, plastic-free cleaning brush made from natural plant-based fibres so that you can keep your straws in tip-top shape. Yay!

And just like each kid has their own set of unique features, our handmade plant-based straws are one-of-a-kinds that may have special markings, but that doesn’t mean you’ll love them any less. (Kinda’ like freckles, only cuter.) They may also slightly vary in diameter, but this just means your kidlets will have more fun racing each other to finish their smoothies!

Show ’em some love: To clean your straws, rinse in clean water, give the insides a little tickle with the cleaning brush and some dishwashing liquid, and dry. Oh, and don’t leave your straws soaking in washing water; it ruins the bamboo and is just gross. (Ew.) For more details on how to keep your straws lookin’ good, check out our top tips here.

Product details:
• Pack of four (4) natural bamboo reusable straws in a cute-as-all-hell gift box
• Handmade in Indonesia from 100% sustainable bambooCompostable 8-10mm in diameter, making them perfect for smoothies and all kinds of drinks
• Kiddie cup friendly 15cm length 
• Free from BPA and toxins o Includes a nifty plant-based cleaning brush made from sisal, a super-cool fibre from the leaves of the Agave cactus plant


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