Melii | 2 Tier Bento Box - assorted colours

  • NZ$ 24.95

The 2 Tier Bento Box is perfect for those with big appetites, long workdays, or a love for variety in their meals. With six compartments in total, it allows you to pack enough food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The design includes three main compartments on the bottom and three removable compartments on the top, offering flexibility to use all six or just a few.

The large lid is secure yet easy to open, making it simple for school kids to access their lunches independently. Additionally, the lid features a built-in compartment for the included fork and spoon, ensuring you always have the necessary utensils on hand.


  • 6 compartments
  • 3 removable compartments
  • Included utensils 
  • Easy to open latch 
  • Secure lid


    Upper Tier 2 x 118ml/4oz sections + 1 x 300ml/10oz section

    Lower Tier 2 x 190ml/6.4oz sections + 1 x 530ml/17.9oz section 



    Dishwasher safe 
    Separate to clean 
    Clean on top rack of dishwasher 
    Allow to dry before placing on lid  

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