OmieLife | OmieBox UP - assorted colours

  • NZ$ 99.99

The OmieBox has grown UP! Meet the new OmieBox UP with more capcity for older kids (and adults 😉 ). The OmieBox lunchboxes allow you to confidently pack foods like yoghurt, fruit and crackers in the cold compartments, and spaghetti, soup or noodles inside the in-built thermos and know they will all be enjoyed at their optimum temperatures. You can even remove the thermal container completely for days you'd rather have sandwiches or salad instead! Genius!

You loved our original OmieBoxes with their leakproof compartments, and built-in thermos flask, but now it's even better and BIGGER:

  • Bigger thermos 
  • Removable cooling pack
  • Leakproof 
  • Compact 
  • BPA and Phthalate-free

    Weight: approximately 771 grams.
    Dimensions: approximately 21.6 cm x 13.3 cm x 8.9 cm.
    Box volume: approximately 1.17L
    Thermos volume: approximately 355 ml.
    Materials: 18/8 304 grade stainless steel, food-grade plastic & silicone.

    OmieBox Features:

    • Keeps hot food hot and cold food cool. OmieBox uses two types of insulation, so meals are always served at the perfect temperature. Air insulation, vacuum insulation plus an airtight seal minimizes heat transfer to keep its food fresh and yum.
    • Great leak-proof design - the insulated container can hold liquids, and the cold compartments can hold 'wet' foods (eg dips, hummus, yoghurt but not watery liquids) without leaking
    • Equipped with its own large handle, it's easy for little hands to carry and there's no need for a lunch bag
    • The thermos jar can easily be removed and a sandwich can fit perfectly in its place when required
    • The divider in the cold section is removable, maximising food options 
    • The thermos jar is wide and shallow making it easy for kids to scoop their food out, and also to clean
    • Handwashing recommended


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