Simple Rugby Ball Shaped Food!

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Rugby World Cup fever has hit The Lunchbox Palace! Here's a really easy way to create fun food for a rugby-themed lunchbox using a simple circle cutter. You could even use a glass if you don't have a cutter. Here, I use the lid of our Basic Shapes Cutter Set.


1. Cut a circle out of the bread.



2. Using the same cutter, overlap the bread and cut again to make an oval with pointed ends. Make another oval shape and sandwich the two together. Marmite would be awesome for this - very black and very Kiwi! (Save the bread offcuts to make breadcrumbs, or make moon shaped sammies with them! 


3. Use the cutter to make thin curvy strips from cheese.



4. Cut the strips and use to decorate the top of the sandwich. If you're serving the rugby sandwiches on a plate, just leave as is. If you want your design to survive being tossed around in a lunchbox, use some mayo to 'glue' on the details, then wrap in a reusable HoneyWrap to keep everything together. 


5. Go rugby crazy and try this method on lots of different food; cheese, cucumber, carrots, and melon are all great. Let us know what you tried and send us a pic!


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